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Fast For Life is nutrition advisory & holistic health coaching company who provide both 1-1 and group services. Our health coaching programmes have been designed to guide and support each individual toward accomplishing their PERSONAL health goals - because honestly, we are all unique, and a holistic approach which is tailored to your specific needs is the only thing that will truly succeed.

We encourage you to disregard any preconceived ideas of the 'stage' at which you must find yourself before you should begin your journey with us. We work with a diverse range of individuals. Some of whom are taking the first steps on their journey toward better health, and others who you might already consider to be in 'great shape', but that want to continue to learn and expand their knowledge and awareness of various aspects of health in order to aid their pursuit of optimal wellness. 

How do we achieve this? 

We exploit the individual expertise of our health coaches, each of who are equipped with specialist knowledge derived from their unique backgrounds within the health and wellness sphere. This enables us to implement a holistic and synergistic approach that caters to the needs of every individual that we coach. Our core aim and mantra at Fast For Life is to educate and empower our clients, in order to allow them to develop the necessary skills and confidence that will enable them to take full control of their own health.

Throughout an 8-week period, our health coaching programmes slowly introduce and develop your knowledge of nutrition, the use of therapeutic fasting, the application and benefits of ketogenic dieting, the fundamentals of movement and physical activity, stress, sleep & circadian rhythm management, gastrointestinal (gut) health, personalised nutrition & auto-immunity/immunological health, aromatherapy and much much more...

This ensures that our clients participate in a well-rounded educational experience from which they and others can continually benefit from for the rest of their lives (YES - we encourage you to share your expanding knowledge to help improve the lives of others who we can't reach!) 

If you interested in a free online consultation, or if you would like to gather more information about any of the nutritional or health coaching services that we offer, please get in touch. 

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